1. How long will it take to get a price?
    We can usually get you rates quicker than contacting bus companies directly.  We understand Time is Money!
  2. What if I’m not sure what the Group needs?
    At I Love Groups, we book motorcoaches day in and day out.  Feel free to ask and we will suggest options
  3. Will you always be the least expensive?
    Most of the time we have equal or better prices, but more importantly, we have better equipment.  If we don’t meet your expectations, just let us know and we will go back to our preferred suppliers
  4. How come you can get better prices than me?
    As a wholesaler, it’s all about buying power and various relationships in the market
  5. When will I know the bus company?
    We confirm the company and dispatch information when quoting and at time of booking. Our partners are listed on the price lists. No surprises!
  6. When will I know information about the driver?
    We always reconfirm the driver the day before your trip
  7. Can I get Insurance Certificates?
    Of course! Just ask
  8. Do other people use you?
    We are proud to count most inbound operators and many tour operators as satisfied customers
  9. Can I sleep at Night?
    Nothing usually goes wrong, but I Love Groups operates a 24/7 Support Center
  10. Do I need to pay a deposit?
    In most cases you don’t, but we do require pre-payment 2 weeks prior to your group’s arrival date.  We’ll let you know when you book.