Double-Decker Bus

Rent a Double-Decker Bus
We recommend a Double-Decker Bus for larger groups, local sightseeing and special events.  Like their name implies, Double-Deckers have seating on two floors and resemble the nostalgic red buses of London.  There are two major types of Double-Decker, the open top one for local sightseeing, wedding and special events and the enclosed ones for over the road trips and commuter trips.



  • Large panoramic thermo pane windows
  • The sightseeing Double-Deckers have an open air second level
  • Spacious comfortable seating on two levels
  • On board restrooms
  • TV/VCR/DVD and microphones and sound systems
  • Air ride suspension and kneeling front step for easy boarding
  • Climate Control
  • Limited under floor luggage space
  • Overhead interior storage
  • Individual reading lights


  • 65-82 Passengers (40-49 passengers on the top level)

Options:Some Double-Deckers have additional amenities such as gaming tables, wireless  internet, electrical outlets and multi-lingual sightseeing commentary.

Double-Decker Bus Fun Facts:

A new Double-Decker motorcoach can cost $1 million.